Why Watch Ads ?

Skip The Commercials on NBA Playoffs! Watch Updates from Chat Sports and Highlights from Joseph Vincent Instead.

About the App

MyTVChoice puts you in charge of commercial breaks for a better live TV viewing experience.

Now you can choose content you want to watch in place of commercials right on your TV.

Whether you’re watching sporting events like NCAA March Madness, the NBA Playoffs or the NFL Draft, or other shows like news, sitcoms, dramas, or even your favorite reality show, you no longer have to sit through boring ads. Instead, you can choose from a wide variety of content including Sports Updates by Chat Sports and “Savage Sports Moments” from Joseph Vincent and Bored Films, viral videos, games, entertainment, TED-style talks and more. Content will stream from your phone onto your smart TV during commercial breaks and automatically return when the program returns. It’s free and no extra hardware is required.

Download the MyTVChoice App Today.

Coverage Schedule

5pm – 11pm ET

Also covering all NBA Playoff games on ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, and ABC

Full coverage of the NFL Draft begins Thursday April 25th














What is required to use this platform?

Wifi connection, smart tv, TV provider, and a smart phone (IOS and Android supported).

Do I see the content through my phone or the TV?

The content will be delivered during the commercial break via your TV.

What kind of content will be delivered?

We deliver video content ranging from sports, entertainment, food, travel, technology, even viral videos and much more! We deliver content that you are interested in.

How much does this service cost?

Everything is absolutely free, no service cost and the app is free to download.

Is my smart tv supported?

Most all Smart tvs made 2013 and up will be supported. If you want to know whether your TV is supported, you can contact us with the make and model.

What TV providers are accepted?

All cable and satellite TV providers will work!

What channels will you cover?

Click here to see what channels we cover.


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